Procedures are extremely important. They maximize instructional time and keep students focused, but they also help students feel safe, because procedures help them understand they environment, the expectations, and how to best go about their work, so they can meet their goals without worrying about the small stuff, like how to sharpen their pencil, or how to meet their parents after school.

Our morning procedures

  1. Hang your backpack and place your homework in the homework basket by the door, make sure you give yourself a positive point on ClassDojo for doing your homework!

Our lunch procedures

We have lunch in the classroom, gym or outside. During lunch you may sit with whomever you want. Once you are finished eating please stay seated until we are all done and we will throw our trash away.

Our dismissal procedures

For dismissal, the after school program sits on the bleachers until further instructed.

All car riders are to sit in a line behind the sign based on the first letter of their last name. Please stay quiet until you hear your name called to go home!

Our testing procedures

Our Discovery Room procedures

In the discovery room we want you to have fun, but also be safe while doing so. Please make sure you complete your assigned tasks for the week and respect others and their work areas.